The following graduate theses are from members associated with the gdtk group over the years. The following documents are available in PDF.

  1. Kyle Damm PhD Thesis, 2020 Adjoint-based aerodynamic design optimisation in hypersonic flow

  2. Jens Kunze PhD Thesis, 2020 Design of a 3D shape transitioning nozzle and experimental thrust measurements of an airframe integrated scramjet

  3. Pierpaolo Toniato PhD Thesis, 2019 Free-jet testing of a Mach 12 scramjet in an expansion tube

  4. Kan (Jason) Qin PhD Thesis, 2017 Development and application of multiphysics simulation tools for foil thrust bearings operating with carbon dioxide

  5. Elise Fahy PhD Thesis, 2016 Superorbital Re-entry Shock Layers: Flight and Laboratory Comparisons

  6. David Gildfind PhD Thesis, 2012 Development of High Total Pressure Scramjet Flow Conditions using the X2 Expansion Tube

  7. Wilson Chan PhD Thesis, 2012 Effects of flow non-uniformities on the drag reduction by boundary layer combustion

  8. Brendan O’Flaherty PhD Thesis, 2012 Reducing the Global Warming Potential of Coal Mine Ventilation Air by Combustion in a Free-Piston Engine

  9. Carolyn Jacobs PhD Thesis, 2011 Radiation in low density hypervelocity flows

  10. Dan Potter PhD Thesis, 2011 Modeling of radiating shock layers for atmospheric entry at Earth and Mars

  11. Rowan Gollan PhD Thesis, 2009 The Computational Modelling of High-Temperature Gas Effects with Application to Hypersonic Flows

  12. Matthew McGilvray PhD Thesis, 2008 Scramjet testing at high enthalpies in expansion tube facilities

  13. Joseph Tang PhD Thesis, 2008 Development of a Parallel Adaptive Cartesian Cell Code to Simulate Blast in Complex Geometries

  14. Matthew Smith PhD Thesis, 2008 The True Direction Equilibrium Flux Method and its Application

  15. Adrian Window MPhil Thesis, 2008 Simulation of Separating Flows in the X2 Expansion Tube Over Bluff Aerocapture Vehicles

  16. Dwishen Ramanah MPhil Thesis, 2007 Background Oriented Schlieren Technique for Flow Visualisation in Shock Tunnels

  17. Andrew Denman PhD Thesis, 2007 Large-Eddy Simulation of Compressible Turbulent Boundary Layers with Heat Addition

  18. Michael Scott PhD Thesis, 2006 Development and Modelling of Expansion Tubes

  19. Michael Elford MSc Thesis, 2005 Validation of a CFD Solver for Hypersonic Flows

  20. Charles Lilley PhD Thesis, 2005 A Macroscopic Chemistry Method for the Direct Simulation of Nonequilibrium Gas Flows

  21. Ben Stewart PhD Thesis, 2004 Predicted Scramjet Testing Capabilities of the Proposed RHYFL-X Expansion Tube

  22. Richard Goozee PhD Thesis, 2003 Simulation of a Complete Shock Tunnel using Parallel Computer Codes

  23. Kevin Austin PhD Thesis, 2002 Evolutionary Design of Robust Flight Control for a Hypersonic Aircraft

  24. Vince Wheatley MSc Thesis, 2001 Modelling Low-Density Flow in Hypersonic Impulse Facilities

  25. James Faddy MSc Thesis, 2000 Computational Modelling for Shock Tube Flows

  26. Chris Craddock PhD Thesis, 1999 Computational Optimization of Scramjets and Shock Tunnel Nozzles

  27. Haruko Ishikawa PhD Thesis, 1999 Investigations of Optimum Design of Heat Exchangers of Thermoacoustic Engines

  28. Ian-Johnston-PhD-Thesis, 1999 Simulation of Flow Around Blunt-Nosed Vehicles for the Calibration of Air-Data Systems

  29. Paul Petrie Repar PhD Thesis, 1997 Numerical Simulation of Diaphragm Rupture

  30. Peter Jacobs PhD Thesis, 1987 Nonlinear Dynamics of Piecewise-Constant Vorticity Distributions in an Inviscid Fluid

  31. Neil Mudford PhD Thesis, 1976 The Production of Pulsed Nozzle Flows in a Shock Tube