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This section of the site is a one-stop shop to navigate to all of the documentation collection. We have grouped here by type so that returning users can quickly find the documentation they seek.

The User Guides are a long format document. They are intended to tell a story and should (hopefully) provide a gentle introduction for new users of the code collection. The Reference Manuals are more terse. Their purpose is as online quick look-up for such things as commands, function calls and configuration objects.

On this page, you will find…

User Guides

The Eilmer User Guide is a good place for getting started with the simulation code.

The Geometry User Guide contains details on the geometric elements available in your Eilmer input scripts for building Eilmer-native grids.

The Gas User Guide inroduces the basic gas modelling capabilities available for Eilmer.

The Reacting Gas Thermochemistry Guide is useful for those wanting to do reacting flow simulations. It contains information on the thermally-perfect gas model and how to construct a finite-rate chemistry input file.

Reference Manuals

Technical Notes

Control Point Form grid generation
Caiyu (Carrie) Xie and Rowan J. Gollan, 2021-12-19