Photaura is a spectral radiation model that can be used either to perform spectral analyses via a standalone python library, or used to compute the spectral coefficients required for radiation transport calculations with the Eilmer3 and Poshax3 codes. The name Photaura comes from the Greek word photos (light) and the Latin word aura (wind); an appropriate name for a code that deals with plasmas.

Documententation (PDF)

The Photaura Theory Book and User’s Guide: pdf-theory-book-and-users-guide

Typical build and test procedure

The parts of the Photaura code that are used by Eilmer3 and Poshax3 are automatically compiled and linked by the these codes own makefiles. To work with the standalone library, however, the user needs to do ‘make install’ in the radiation build area:

$ cd $HOME/cfcfd3/lib/radiation/build $ make install

The installation can then be verified by running an automated test script:

$ cd $HOME/cfcfd3/lib/radiation/build $ make test

Note that a number of the python tools provided in the radiation library make use of the cea2 interface located in lib/cfpylib/gasdyn/ The successful use of this interface requires the cea2 source file be be placed in cfcfd3/extern/cea2 when building the code (see Also, to enable plotting to the screen the matplotlib python module (which provides pylab) should also be installed (see

Python input script

See the file cfcfd3/lib/radiation/test/ for an example input script. More information coming soon.