The CFCFD Code CollectionΒΆ

These codes are available via a public Mercurial repository.

  1. eilmer3: A compresible-flow Navier-Stokes simulation code for 2D and 3D flows. This has the best bits of mbcns2 and elmer2, together with a rebuilt thermochemistry module. We have changed the name to Eilmer, the correct spelling of the name of the patron monk of CFD and aeronautics. See the wikipedia article
  2. L1d3: Lagrangian simulation of quasi-one-dimensional flow.
  3. imoc: interactive method-of-characteristics code, written in C+Tcl.
  4. poshax3: post-shock, one-dimensional flow with complex thermochemistry and radiation.
  5. photaura: radiation toolset.
  6. eilmer4: Is our newest compressible flow simulation code for 2D and 3D flows. It is a complete reworking of our flow simulation ideas into the D programming language.