Interactive method-of-characteristics code for irrotational flow of an ideal-gas. It sounds limited but MOC has the nice design capability of being able to specify what upstream flow that you have, what downstream flow you would like, and then be able to compute the flow field in between.

Report-3-00 describes the user interface to the Interactive Method-of-Characteristics program. Note that, although the current web copy is a bit broken, the code and documentation is in the code repository.

Basic install instructions

These instructions are for a linux system that is already running other cfcfd3 codes (ie. Eilmer3).

Ensure that you have tcl-dev installed, then:

$ cd cfcfd3/app/imoc/unix
$ make
$ make install

This should create a folder in your home directory called imoc_bin. IMOC can then be run from within this folder using the command:

$ cd ~/imoc_bin/source
$ ./moc_startup.tcl

For regular use, it is convenient to set the IMOC_HOME variable in your .bashrc file:

export IMOC_HOME=$HOME/imoc_bin

You may encounter an error to do with the BROWSER setting if the system cannot find firefox. In that case just set:

export BROWSER=""